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EFT testing


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Hi everyone,

There seems a lot of confusion what TESTING means in the status page.

Basically we are constantly monitoring need around EFT hacks, through our own testers, through support and by monitoring other communities around us, and when we notice a pattern, for example where many people report being banned or if BSG is pushing some updates, we might start testing if our hacks are affected just in case.

This does NOT mean the hack is down or by definition detected! What it doesmean, is that WE are not 100% sure anymore and are verifying it.

If you are using it on your main account (which we do not recommend) you might want to wait a bit till we give the green light and change it to working again.

But if you are just using some junk account to collect stuff and move it to your main stash anyway, you could just keep using it.

We hope this has cleared it up a bit.

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