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  • Read BEFORE buying! (IMPORTANT)

    Like any professional business, we try to provide our customers with the best service and product experience possible. However, considering the nature of our software, it is important that you as customer are aware of what you can expect from us, but also what is expected from you yourself!

    This page is now a part of our Terms of Service and for everyone's benefit we require you to read and agree to this!

  • What do you need to check?

    1. Be aware of what you buy! We are not selling Adobe software, this is highly specialised custom software!
    2. Make sure no OTHER anti-cheat systems are blocking. They can work similarly to anti-virus software and must be uninstalled!
    3. Uninstall/disable ALL anti-virus software, windows defender as well as any 3rd party software
    4. Make sure your windows version is a COMMON type (Home, Pro) and not something different like Enterprise, Education or Insider
    5. Make sure your windows version is supported!
    6. Protect your HWID from changing!
      • Make sure you do not plan to change any hardware (Harddrives, Screens or external USB drives etc)
      • Disable windows auto update
      • Only use the keys on the PC that you plan to play on! Never test them on another PC
      • Do not activate keys on public computers like in an internet cafe
    7. Make sure all exploit protection is disabled
    8. Check if secure boot must be disabled
    9. Double check if virtualization is required or not
    10. Update the latest dependencies to ensure all software can run well
    11. Sometimes Discord overlay must be enabled
  • What are game hacks/game cheats exactly?

    To be able to give you certain functions, such as boxes around your enemies or having the mouse automatically aim at your enemies head while he is moving, the game has to be "enhanced". The regular functions of the game do not offer these options.

    Our software will "add" these functionalities making it possible to add any function possible directly in the game available.

    This means that when the game updates, our software will need to update as well! This is out of our control!

    Whenever there is an update, we update the status page and we notify everyone in the Discord server. Please do not complain about this! This is a drawback as we are 100% depending on the game.

  • Anti-cheat systems

    Most multiplayer games nowadays have built-in or depend on anti-cheat software. Well known names are Battleye, Easy Anti-cheat, FACEIT and Vanguard, but of course there are many more. Each one functioning as an anti-virus software blocking any unauthorized access to the game files.

    This is a cat-and-mouse game, as each time they block access of our software, our developers try to find another way around making it a constant challenge for both sides. In the past year the anti-cheat systems have drastically improved themselves working at lower levels which in return meant that many of the software is now running on very low level as well.

    As a concrete example, Vanguard is now running on Raid 0, the lowest non-kernel level of your operating system. They basically have almost complete access to everything on your PC and are constantly running, even if you are not playing Valorant.

    This is SO intrusive that it even goes a step beyond what many anti-virus software do, and as its core function is basically the same as an anti-virus is will block almost any hack that tries to inject itself into a game, even if its for a totally different game! 

    This behavior is being copied and more and more anti-cheat systems are causing issues for our software which is why you must disable ALL of the unrelated anti-cheat systems in order for our software to work.

  • Why do I need to disable all anti-virus software?

    First and foremost: our software does not contain malware or viruses!

    As explained above, many anti-cheat software are working almost like anti-virus software scanning everything, from binaries to your PC memory.

    To be able to still function, our software needs to implement several tricks in order to avoid being detected. For example, they need to be able to read the game memory and inject files into certain folders without being noticed by a system that is constantly scanning. How do we do it?

    Maybe you have noticed that the behavior we just described sounds awefully familiar to a trojan virus? 

    The first thing any anti-virus will do when you download our hacks is scan the file (which of course is totally normal). However, considering how our cheats work, the anti-virus will immediately assume it is a virus and take action, such as delete, block or disable parts of it.

    This is why you MUST disable ALL anti-virus software! If you are not comfortable with this, we ask you not to consider game cheats as this is a requirement for ALL cheats!

  • Why is the Windows type so important?

    Our software is written mostly by individuals or small teams with limited time and resources. They are not able to take each exception into account so they focus only on "mainstream" things, such as the most commonly used Windows 10 types, such as Home and Pro.

    Any other Windows type may work, but is NOT SUPPORTED and therefore may not work, so please consider this before buying!

  • Everyone has Windows 10 by now, that is why your version matters!

    According to Microsoft we are now going to stick to Windows 10, but to indicate how many updates you have received, your PC is on a certain version. Whenever this version updates, it means there have been some significant updates. Our software is constantly adjusted to accomodate these changes which means at times a newer version might not be supported yet!

    It is important to check your windows version before buying something that may not be compatible!

  • Your HWID is your own responsibility!

    All software is HWID bound. You can read the guide on what HWID is exactly, but essentially it comes down to the fact that keys are not allowed to be shared and this is simply the way the software ensures it. The HWID on a PC should never change.

    In the rare case where it does happens, of course we will do our BEST to get it fixed as soon as possible but it is NOT A GUARANTEE! It can be that your key runs out before it is reset, or simply that the developer is busy and refuses to take 10 minutes to manually reset your key.

    A reset is a courtesy and not a right! Please keep this in mind IF you request it, and do not demand any refunds for something that is your OWN RESPONSIBILITY!

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