• The discount system at time2win

    We have a permanent discount system with the following rules:

    Every 10 dollar is equivalent to 1 point rounded down, so if you have spent 34$ you have equivalent to 3 points.

    Based on the number of points you have, you are entitled to lower prices:

    • 0-5: Customer Regular prices
    • 6-10: REG Customer 5% discount
    • 11-20: PRO Customer 10% discount
    • 20+: VIP Customer 15% discount

    Unfortunately your rank is not automatically applied so we ask you to make a support ticket for an upgrade!

    Be ware, your rank brings benefits but also responsibilities! Please do not abuse your position.

  • We will start keeping track of coupons here. Some will be permanent, some will be temporary. We will post announcements but you can always see the active ones here.

    TIME2WELCOME		[permanent]		= 5% welcome discount for new members
    TIME2SPOOK		[01-31 OCT]		= 5% discount for everyone
    SPOOK2WIN		[18-24 OCT]		= 6% discount for existing customers
    DOOT2SPOOK		[25-31 OCT]		= 6% discount for REG, PRO and VIP ranks