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  • The best and safest game hacks

    We are constantly trying to expand to be able to provide the best and safest hacks for the most popular competitive games out there, such as PUBG with our popular PUBG hack, Fortnite, R6 Siege, RUST and many more. We don't just try to have the widest catalog, we rather have a smaller one  that you can rely on on any time.

    Each of our products is tested thoroughly before being published and we closely keep track of the status of each cheat to ensure its integrity is never compromised.

    At time2win.net we value returning customers who love our game hacks.



    When you purchase one of our game hacks, you buy a license key for the use of a certain software which depends for which game it is. This software can be freely downloaded in one of our VIP forums. Each license key works for a certain period of time. Currently we offer 24-hour keys through our store.

    If you are interested in 7-day or 30-day keys, please submit a ticket through our support system.

    The software will then run while you play the game, giving you benefits for example aim assist and enemy tagging or seeing through walls.




    The harder we try to stay undetected, the harder gaming companies are trying to improve their security. This is a never ending cycle and we do not try to hide this from you.

    For this reason we encourage you never to assume a hack is safe to use. Even if it has not been detected, game moderators can still review the gameplay and conclude there has been hacking involved. Nobody wants to be banned and we are doing our very best to reduce the risk to a minimal, but be aware that using cheats always has a risk of getting banned.

    With us however, you can feel assured you will remain undetected if you simply follow our guidelines and always check the status of each one of the cheats we provide.



    time2win.net is well known in the industry and we have been in this business since 2017 under the name of gamerhacks.net, mostly known for our virtually undetected PUBG hack. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, and this goes hand-in-hand with your security.

    We are proud to say we consider ourselves the safest and most reliable provider in this business.



    By buying from time2win.net you guarantee yourself one of the safest hacks available in the industry. We believe it should be available to anyone to be able to get hacks for their favorite games without risking contact bans.

    Developed by top coders to ensure all our game hacks remain the safest hacks. Not only that, they will not have any impact on performance and they will remain cheap hacks, so everybody can enjoy them!

    No matter if you choose our PUBG hack, fortnite hacks or anything else, you always have the same guarantees!

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