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  • With our growing community, rules are getting more important

    The following rules apply to everyone, no exceptions:

    - Please ask support in the #support channel only

    - NEVER advertise ANYTHING on this server

    - NEVER discuss ANYTHING about hacks that are NOT DIRECTLY related to time2win.net

    - ALWAYS read the instructions carefully before using any hacks: <https://www.time2win.net/downloads/>

    - ALWAYS check the status page before using any hacks: <https://www.time2win.net/status/>

    - NEVER demand a refund or to exchange keys. State your issue here: <https://www.time2win.net/support/>

    - There is NO fixed time on hacks that are NOT on WORKING


    - NEVER dispute a payment but create a support ticket on the site. We are already giving credits like crazy. Any dispute will be an instant ban from both site and Discord!

    - Please do not use the #💬general  channel to accuse or complain a cheat being detected if you get banned! Make a ticket in the #support channel to let our staff know. **Violators will be muted!**

    - NEVER DM the staff

    - Stay friendly. We're all here to enjoy and help each other

    If you notice anyone breaking our rules, please report them to our staff in Discord or on the website. In cases such as advertising, we will give you a reward 🙂 

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