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    1000 members!!!!

    We just passed the 1000 members mark!!! Thanks all for using our great hacks. We will continue doing what we do for you!!!!!
  3. Hi everyone, We noticed there has been some issues lately with people thinking they downloaded the latest loader, but actually it had been recently updated. To avoid ANY confusion, we now have included each most recent hack version on the status page. So from now on, when you check if the hack is working, also check if the latest version corresponds to the version of your downloaded file. Stay safe!
  4. Thanks @HBLION for the great review! $5 credit has been added to your account
  6. Admin

    PUBG Update

    This morning PUBG Excellence was updating for about 1 hour. The new version 1.23 has just been updated and the hack is working again. Make sure to always check the newest version!
  7. Maintenance is finished! PUBG Excellence is available again! MAKE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW LOADER!
  8. R6 Premium is truly a premium product. It gives you everything you need to be victorious in every game. This extremely elegant and diverse R6 hack comes with all the good stuff, such as a highly customizable ESP and a very detailed aimbot. All information you need, both enemy and friendly are configurable.

    Information and features of the R6 hack

    How to use the R6 hack


    $12.99 $14.99

  9. There is a scheduled maintenance that will be done on the servers, starting JAN 22 01:30AM CET. The scheduled time is 7 hours. However, we might will change the status to updating earlier and only back to undetected once we have verified the update was successful.
  10. Ok so this is more of a review about the time2win guys than the pubg hack. I didnt check the status page and got my main account vac banned which sucked pretty hard. I contacted support and they actually found out they didn't update the status page on time that day so they credited me the full amount and advised to switch to PUBG excellence. They are serious about the customer support. The cheat itself is pretty good, but I was more impresed how well they helped me out.
  11. As announced here please check out the whole renewed Downloads section. All loaders can be found there neatly organized with instructions.
  12. Admin

    Site improvements

    As most of us will have noticed there are still more changes coming. The downloads page has been completely reformed. Also, we are cleaning up some of the old hacks that are no longer updated for more than 3 weeks to avoid confusion and unnecessary bans from people using them accidentally without checking the status page! Anyone who still has purchased the old PUBG Premium within the last week, please open a support case to transfer it to a PUBG Excellence product.
  13. APEX Premium is truly a premium product. It gives you everything you need to become the champion in every game. This extremely elegant and diverse APEX hack comes with all the good stuff, such as a highly customizable ESP and a very detailed aimbot. All information you need, both enemy and friendly are configurable.

    Information and features of the APEX hack

    How to use the APEX hack


    $12.99 $14.99

  14. Earlier
  15. PUBG Premium is updating and temporary unavailable Our developers have received a number of indications it is being detected on the newest game version. To avoid any confusion we have disabled purchase from the store at this moment until we can guarantee it is undetected! Please use the PUBG Excellence hack in the meantime Those who have already purchased it, please contact support for a credit to purchase the PUBG excellence hack.
  16. PUBG Excellence does honor to its name. This extremely elegant and diverse PUBG hack comes with all the tools you need to dominate any game you play. Besides the highly customizable ESP, it comes with a very detailed aimbot which supports a smoothness and FOV setup. The enemy information is very detailed and it includes a configurable aim key and fight-mode.

    Information and features of the PUBG hack

    How to use the PUBG hack

    $12.99 $16.99

  17. The move is finally over! We are glad to announce the technical team has finally managed to import all the old members from to this new website! We're very sorry for the big delays. is no longer available, and will from now on forward directly to If you have any experience with your account, please contact us through support!
  18. The loader for the PUBG Premium hack has been updated. Please make sure you update to the latest version to stay safe! Also never forget to check the status page before using! Click here to go to the download page.
  19. May everyone dominate this coming year in 2020!! We will continue to do our best to supply everyone with the safest and most effective hacks that are available our there. We hope to be able to maintain our low prices and will try to expand more and more hacks throughout the year!
  20. PUBG Plus 24H

    A truly simple hack with only X-ray vision.

    See anyone anywhere at all times. For those who do not need to rely on ESP or aimbot to get the job done.

    $6.99 $8.99

  21. Admin

    PUBG Premium

    System requirements Client: Steam or Kakao OS: Windows 10 (build 1809 or higher) Features 2D radar Aimbot FOV Limiter Smoothing Auto Switch Target's Skip Knocked Skip Vehicle Skip Squad Use Prediction Key Set Bone Scan ESP Nickname Distance Health Heath Bar Barrel Skeleton Weapons Kills count 2D boxes Other miscellaneous No Recoil No Sway Crosshair Spectate Count Filter Ammo At Count Panic key
  22. PUBG Premium has been updated. Check the purchases page to download the latest loader.
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