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  2. PUBG has been updated again. The tslgame version is updated to (from We have tested it, if you are still running PUBG tslgame on version it is safe to use. However, we keep the status to "Updating" since a) we want to ensure there is NO confusion if someone mixed up their version and b) depending on your settings, Steam might force an update.
  3. PUBG has updated right after the announced update. We have put the status updating again till the new patch is out and tested. Compensation is added, 6 hours for the first update and the next depending on how long it will take.
  4. Last week
  5. Everyone, PUBG has scheduled an update for patch 6.2 At the appropriate time we will put the status to Updating until we have checked the changes. We recommend not using the hack until the status is back on Working! Stay safe!
  6. @opifexer Definitely! The aimbot is optional and can be turned off to use ESP only.
  7. Rust is still being updated. Also Apex is suffering similar issues now. The servers are experiencing DDOS attacks, probably some jealous party trying to be noticed. We're doing our best with the developers to get everything up and running. It is taking up more time as we are trying to ensure it won't happen again in the future.
  8. I prefer only using ESP, but in the APEX hack can I turn off the aimbot completely?
  9. Admin


    @nano Google translate tells me you want to stop something. What do you mean? would you mind asking/answering in english?
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  12. nano


    udv hogyan tudom letolteni ?
  13. @killa1995 Thanks for the great review! Enjoy 5$ credit 🙂
  14. After trying several sites because I just wanted ESP and I wanted to disable the aimbot, I finally found this!!! Just downloaded and booted into a training and got aimbot off and it was flawless!!!
  15. Earlier
  16. We have been encountering server issues with PUBG last week. Unfortunately we are experiencing similar issues right now with Rust. To make it more clear what the situation is, we have added in the status "Maintenance" which means the hack is not down or detected but rather deactivated by choice of the developer so we can improve the server quality and reliability. Since this is obviously on our side, the timer on the hacks will be extended to compensate your lost game time! Of course you may always shoot a support ticket if you have questions about any of this.
  17. Admin

    invisible function

    @kanasai this is the visibility check for the aimbot, so it won't target enemies that are not directly visible to you
  18. kanasai

    invisible function

    May i know what is this function for?
  19. @viinncentzbay Unfortunately this was caused by a server issue. More info on that can be found here: The issues are solved now. We sent you a DM
  20. The server issues have been solved and PUBG Excellence should work as normal again. Please let us know if you encounter any issues!
  21. It has become clear this is not going to be a hotfix and both server and hack will need to be updated which will take time. Do not worry! All valid keys will receive compensation and the ones purchased before this unfortunate incident will work fine afterwards. Please let us get everything working again and we will handle all issues afterwards! Once again we apologize for all the inconveniences!
  23. We are currently experiencing server issues only for PUBG Excellence. Our developers are fixing it at we speak. Please be patient, we will post an update when this is fixed! We sincerely apologise for the inconveniences!
  24. Admin

    cant activite key

    @kanasai Please check your support request
  25. kanasai

    cant activite key

    hi when i copy and paste my key to acvite my purchase i waited for 1 min but show unsuccessful check connection
  26. Rust Deluxe is not a hack for the beginners. You need to do some extra steps but it will give you one hell of a arsenal to make sure you survive anything you encounter! The ESP and Aimbot are everything you will need for the wilderness ahead!

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  27. APEX Deluxe is not a hack for the beginners. You need to do some extra steps but it will give you one hell of a arsenal to make sure you dominate your opponents! The ESP and Aimbot give you more than just an advantage. It's time to be the champ!

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  28. @Supremeful Thank you for this awesome review! Enjoy the 5$ free credit!
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