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  1. @KingCourage The features were temporarily disabled, but should be updated asap. If you have more questions like these we'd also like to refer you to our discord ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Admin

    COD Premium

    @85mk Hi, we're sorry, some features were disabled but should be updated asap. For questions like these we'd also like to redirect you to our discord in the future, where we can give faster answer to your questions.
  3. @KingCourage Thanks for letting us know! Next time you could also report this on our discord for a faster response! ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Admin

    Riot Vanguard

    @badr18777888 as long as you follow the step by step guide for the cheat you should be able to play. For more questions like these we'd also like to redirect you to our discord, where we have a support team that can quickly answer your questions. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Admin

    shadwo ban

    @balajigod1 The only way to get a ban lifted is to contact the game developers. The chances of getting your ban lifted are very small however.
  6. Admin

    COD ESP for premium

    @jwg IF its still not working, could you open a support ticket on our discord? We'll be better able to help you there.
  7. Admin


    @fab We're sorry but we only have an english support team. If you have have been banned the only way to get it lifted would be to contact the game developers to get it lifted. However your chances of getting it reverted are very small. We can never guarantee a 100% safe to use hack. We can avoid the automatic detection systems. But a manual reviewer could still possibly pick you out if you got reported too often.
  8. @KingCourage We're sorry to hear this. It would be best if you opened a support ticket on our discord so we can properly assist you.
  9. you should be able to join following this link. We have a live support team there that is better able to help.
  10. @brebislicorne Great informative review! Thank you for not only enjoying enjoying our hacks but also taking your time to write this review!
  11. @c0rnjee Hi, we're sorry to hear you're having problems. Could you maybe open a support ticket on our discord?
  12. Admin

    Banned Being Reckless

    @villaci75 We're sorry to hear you got banned ๐Ÿ˜ž EFT is notorious for going against hackers, thats why we always recommend staying low key. They will often give HWID bans on first ban, so we always recommend using a spoofer. For more information you can check our discord.
  13. @DizzyDp These are the reviews we like to see! ๐Ÿ˜„ Well structured and informative, and best of all positive! Look at those ratings! Thank you very much!
  14. We ALWAYS reply to our support tickets in the best way we can, but we cannot do this if you are not able to hold a mature conversation. We are aware that the reason you contact us is usually if there is something wrong and we aim to figure out what happened and we are always considerate in compensation, but if you send us a message like below, you will need to do some serious apologizing before we would consider ANYTHING other than a ban. Please consider that we are getting hundreds of messages constantly and sometimes it takes longer to reply, but we always try as soon as possible. But we do not want to waste time on anything such as this...
  15. @KingCourage Its impossible to give a concrete answer I'm afraid. It could take a an hour but also a day or even longer. It depends on what the cause of the maintenance is. It could be a tiny bugfix or a new anti cheat mechanic we have to find a new way to work around for example.