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  1. Admin

    EFT Rex issues

    If you experienced any issues on EFT Rex, we kindly ask you to open a ticket in Discord with the answers to the following info: 1) What was your issue? 2) When was the last time you played (date and time)? 3) Did you play without / built-in / external spoofer? 4) Did you use any misc options and if yes, which ones?
  2. Admin

    Rex servers down

    Rex servers are back online 😄
  3. Admin

    Rex servers down

    For those experiencing issues connecting to Rex products (PUBG, EFT or spoofer) please bear with us as the server is being fixed by the hosting provider. 😞 We will notify when back up.
  4. Hello everyone, we are releasing a new Fortnite product: FN Hyperion 😄 This is currently still ESP ONLY but aimbot will be added in the near future. Extremely clear and easy setup, and an intuitive menu and you will be sure to do some winning! Check it our in the Store now!
  5. Collapse issues have been fixed 🙂
  6. Certain users get BSOD issues when using Rust Collapse. This is being fixed as we speak. For the majority of the users its working fine. Should you experience issues, worry not, kindly WAIT until the product is fixed. We will announce this, and then anyone with key issues will get their time fully compensated. Please do not make tickets for this until its fixed 🙂
  7. It has come to our attention that the latest update of windows is affecting several products we offer 😞 Please turn OFF your automatic windows updates to avoid further issues! For those experiencing issues, uninstall the latest Windows update KB5004237. Use this guide to find it:
  8. We want to do another reminder all the time was compensated to all affected keys by the EFT Hunter downtime! If you had a key active, do not forget to take advantage 🙂
  9. All EFT Hunter Hunter keys affected by the downtime 3 days ago have been fully compensated! 😄
  10. The prices are now updated.
  11. We're sorry to say the developers for COD Predator and COD Hunter (Warzone) have imposed a minimum pricing for their products. We will have to adjust our prices accordingly. This will be done within a few hours so we recommend if you still wish to get a key at the current price to do so ASAP. We never like to change prices unless it is downward. We apologize for this but it is out of our hands 😞
  12. We are launching 3 new Syndicate products: PUBG, Enlisted and Hunt Showdown 😄 They had already been launched softly several days ago, and are a great addition to our already large number of offers. All products can be found in the Store in the respective game categories. Week and month options will be added soon!
  13. This has been fixed. 9 Hours were compensated
  14. For those users facing the 647 error while their pc is fine, this is due to a server side patch. It is being worked on and will get updated as soon as possible.
  15. Happy July 4th soon for everyone out there celebrating this! 😄 Use TIME4JULY for your 4% discount!