EFT hacks explanation

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It seems there is some lack of information how Battlestate games handles hacks compared to other companies such as PUBG. Most game devs don't actively hunt for hackers, they just update once in a while hoping to catch a bunch and then leave it for a while.

- BUT in the case of Escape from Tarkov, Battlestate games DOES ACTIVE HUNT hackers - And they spend significant resources trying to detect hackers:

They have automated systems in place and for the most our hacks are able to keep under the radar.
However, they regularly update, unannounced, with only 1 purpose: detect hackers

They also manually check for hackers on large scale, so if you get reported, then you can just be unlucky a moderator catches you doing something and bans you. Sometimes you don't immediately get banned, they will double check you or compare you to other players/known hackers.

We do not post these warnings on the Store page for no reason:



- Do not come to us demanding a refund. You know the risks. We do not hide them - 

We have a status page and a Discord channel with live updates to make sure you stay as safe as possible but this is no guarantee. Some can be lucky, other can be unlucky.



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