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Server maintenance


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We have been encountering server issues with PUBG last week. Unfortunately we are experiencing similar issues right now with Rust.

To make it more clear what the situation is, we have added in the status "Maintenance" which means the hack is not down or detected  but rather deactivated by choice of the developer so we can improve the server quality and reliability. Since this is obviously on our side, the timer on the hacks will be extended to compensate your lost game time!

Of course you may always shoot a support ticket if you have questions about any of this.


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Rust is still being updated. Also Apex is suffering similar issues now.

The servers are experiencing DDOS attacks, probably some jealous party trying to be noticed.

We're doing our best with the developers to get everything up and running. It is taking up more time as we are trying to ensure it won't happen again in the future.

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