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  • How do hack statuses work?

    You may have seen a lot of mention to the status of a hack. But what is it? And why is this so important?

    On the status page you may see something similar to this:

    Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 17.23.49.jpg

    This is the entire list of each type of hack we offer, and its corresponding status on the right side.

    Each status represents the following:

  • SAFE. Feel free to use.
    NOT SAFE. Sometimes the hack is still usable but not advised as it may be detectable or not function at all.
    NOT SAFE. The hack is temporarily down.
    NOT SAFE. The hack is down for a longer period of time.
  • How often do I need to check the status updates?

    You should only need to check before making your purchase.

    In our Discord server we announce updates so you always get any changes as notification.

    Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 17.22.54.jpg

    Any status updates in the Discord are also shown on the website.

    Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 17.23.35.jpg

  • I bought a hack but it went to updating. What do I do?

    Please understand that these are hacks and are 110% depending on the game. If the game updates, our hacks must update to ensure they still work and you won't get detected. This means we cannot control when hacks need to update!!

    Please consider this before complaining. We do not change the status from working for fun, but only for your own well-being.

  • When will the hack be updated?

    Unfortunately we can NEVER tell how long an update will take. 

    Each hack is highly specific and whenever the slightest change happens to the game, the hack will be affected.
    This does not only apply to the game, but also to other dependencies like anti-cheap programs such as Battleye and EAC.

    Please do not spam asking whenever a cheat is updated. We always let you know as soon as we can!

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