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  • Handling HWID bans

    What is a HWID ban?

    A HWID ban is where the game not only bans your game account, but your PC entirely. To identify that you are you, the game will scan your PC and generate a unique code based on the components and settings of your PC.

    This code is a HWID (HardWare IDentifier) and is unique to your PC. When someone would use the game and they detect the same HWID, they can either block you access to the game, or even ban your brand new account immediately.

  • How to avoid a HWID ban?

    There are different ways to get banned. However, a HWID ban is usually given when you are caught multiple times hacking. However, this is not always guaranteed. Some games like Escape From Tarkov and Valorant are known to sometimes give it on the first offence.

    Luckily, we sell HWID spoofers (changers) that can fake your HWID, meaning even though you get a HWID ban, you can just keep using your PC to play without exchanging a bunch of hardware.


  • Shadow Defender

    Sometimes the HWID spoofer itself is not enough to ensure there are no traces left on your PC when you use a hack. Often a complete PC reformat is necessary to ensure you cannot be detected.

    However, this can be really annoying to do each time that you want to play legit after using a hack, as it is both time consuming as well as frankly annoying to reinstall everything.

    We recommend looking into Shadow Defender, which can be found on shadowdefender.com. It is a tool that will ensure no traces are left on your PC and you can switch between hacking with spoofer and playing legit without.

    This is quite affordable and is used by several of our internal testers as well as many of the developers we work with.

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