• Change windows Exploit protection settings

    The Windows Exploit Protection is there to ensure no unauthorized apps are executed on your PC.

    Sometimes our hacks can be blocked by the Windows system due to the way they inject undetected.

    Opening the Exploit Protection

    1. Open the Start menu
    2. Type "Exploit Protection"
    3. Open the only app called "Exploit Protection"

    Disable ALL

    Unfortunately sometimes just disabling the CFG is not enough. Then you need to disable everything and enable things one by one until it works

    1. In the Exploit protection, click the tab "System settings"
    2. In each of the options in the list, select the option "Off by default"
    3. Now run whatever program you are trying to use
    4. Now you can start enabling each option and testing if the program still works until you know which one was blocking


    Control Flow Guard

    Mostly, the Control Flow Guard (CFG) is the cause of blocks.

    You can disable it per program by doing the following:

    1. In the Exploit protection, click the tab "Program settings"
    2. Find whatever program you are looking for in the list
    3. Click the program, then click "Edit"
    4. In the popup, scroll down a bit until you see "Control Flow Guard"
    5. Tick the box "Override system settings" then make sure the toggle is "Off"
    6. Click "Apply" to save