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    Our products are digital goods. You purchase a license key that will allow you to use the hacks for a certain period of time. In the sidebar on the right (or below on mobile) you will see instructions where you can find your license key.



Our PUBG hacks are the most widely used for their reliability and wide range of features such as advanced aimbot and customizable ESP. We offer different types of hacks so you can find  the one most suited for you.


  • Status

    Last updated: 2020-JAN-25

    PUBG Excellence 1.24
    PUBG Premium 1.1.17
    PUBG Plus 0.78
    APEX Premium 1.04
    R6 Premium 1.0.23
  • Purchasing procedure

    Decide what to buy

    Check out the relevant hacks for the games that you are playing. In some cases we offer different hacks per game, so check the features to know which one you need.

    Follow the order flow

    Just add the products to your basket, and follow the instructions of the order flow. We don't need your personal information, just your email to be able to send you the confirmation. The payment is done securely through Paypal, so you are protected and secure.

    What will happen after I purchase?

    Your activation key will be available immediately. Check your purchase and click on MANAGE on your latest order.


    Here you will see your license key immediately and instructions how to download and use the loader.