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  1. I recently purchased the Apex Deluxe cheat and the expectations were somewhat high. The cheat blew my expectations out of the water! It was by far the best and cheapest Apex cheat I've used, and was the most efficient also! I'd 100% recommend this to anyone that wants to dip their feet into the shallow end of cheating on Apex. The menu is extremely easy to use, the aimbot is extremely smooth with the right settings, and the ESP works fantastically!
  2. I bought the one month plan for Escape From Tarkov and it has yet to disappoint! I would highly recommend this website to anyone that wants to cheat without getting banned!
  3. I bought the Premium EFT for $67.5 and it was worth it. I've only had it for 2 days and even though that the cheat has not been working at all today due to a bunch of patch updates because of the wipe soon. The only thing that I do wish that would happen is that they would refund a day if the cheat does not work for a day. Overall a 9/10