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  1. I really enjoyed using this hack and would definitely buy it again aimbot 10/10 as you can change the fov the range and also the hitbox is amazing and absolutely love that feature and the esp is top of the market as there are many choices you can choose for your liking congrats T2W on another amazing product.
  2. Hortonc170


    Do your cheats work with Cracked Rust because they use a different anti cheat called Gamewer?
  3. This cheat is amazing I give this a solid 9/10 cheat the aimbot is amazing and the esp is very good the fov slider is great too, I would recommend having or making a visual enemy so you dont lock onto people who are 500 metres away that would be a great improvement to the cheat but you've done outstanding work again thank you T2W!!!
  4. Hortonc170


    Hi im writing this beacuase i am hwid banned on rust if i use the Hwid in the rust loader will that unban me?
  5. Great cheat to use if you want a high advantage over others aimbot is okay and the esp is good the no recoil is a bit iffy but its still an amazing cheat to use the radar helps so much too, I did have 1 problem with this is that I wasnt able to change the aimbot speed as I dont know how to other than that amazing cheat keep it up T2W!!
  6. hi just wondering when the Rust Deluxe Cheat is going to be working again.
  7. In my opinion id choose the Rust Deluxe over this just as it has the customizable menu, but i have found some esp bugs with the Rust absolute when you kill someone and they come back they wont show up on esp anymore and the aimbot I wasn't able to get working but other than that everything seem pretty okay as its only a £13 cheat i though it was a good price id give the cheat a 3/5 and id say it would just need a little more improving and they could make the best one out there. keep up the great work T2W love you're guys work!!!
  8. I love this Rust cheat and will be buying it again the aimbot could do with doing a little improving but other than that the esp is great and the custom fov is great keep up the great work T2W!