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  1. Hi Everyone!, I recently tried the new loader and also the cheapest cheese they ever made. It's pretty simple hack, only ESP function this loader give to us, nothing specials about it. But simple is the best options for those people who looking for safest hack and cheapest hack. I will mention PROS and CONS for R6S DOG : PRO : - Cheapest Price EVER! - Only ESP (for me it's enough, I'm the kinda person who use hack for cleanest as possible) - I believe it's safe to use since it's only ESP function with no aimbot or etc CONS : - BSOD sometimes happened to me, I already look over if there any wrong instructions i did. But I already double checked every instructions and still got BSOD. - You need GAME SENSE!, Because there's no distance display from each enemy OP. So you can't always trace their OP icon every single time, which will give people way more susp on to you. I think that's all of my review for a new loader of R6S, hope my review can make your performance better when using it 🙂 Thank you for reading my review 🙂
  2. First of all, I would like to thank you to Dev for working with this such amazing hacks !! I already used it for 12 hours straight of this hacks, i boost from silver 3 to plat 3 also mix with casual and unranked games AND still NOT get banned since i used it !!! My tips for all of players who using these hacks from T2W Dev, use it wisely !!!! If you don't want to get caught or banned so please combined your hacks with your game sense !!!! ex : don't stare at walls many times !!! , spray your bullets to walls so your hitrate will stay low !! , don't use many features that make you got banned, and also most important !! DON'T GO BLATANT!! let'em killed you several times just to make it low-key !! So that's it gamers, hope you guys having fun with these amazing hacks !! and stay safe !!
  3. I've been using R6S premium loader for 5 hours straight, and it is a beast hacks to be honest and really safe to use. Good job on working with these hacks man, going to subs again but hopefully you guys will give us an option for a week hacks ?