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  1. We are so happy to hear it is going well for your progression ? keep it up
  2. People see their normal screen ? Good question!
  3. Always good to see our members finding great ways to use our product!
  4. Glad to hear you are having such a great time! Keep up the great work!!!!
  5. We are so happy you’ve enjoyed our cheat! Thanks for a great review!
  6. We love to hear this feedback. We welcome you to our community and are always available for support. ?
  7. GIbby and I decided to get some content and we entered stevious 2x main and its been two hours. We have rockets, m249s as well as aks and have yet to be banned. You can tweak this to be extremely organic looking to not look suspect. Highly recommend
  8. My friend and I are currently enjoying the absolute heck out of this. Simple to use and cost efficient. I keep going back to t2w because they are so good at keeping updated hacks in a difficult community of constant updates. Big thumbs up!
  9. Dude, if you are a fan of hacks on rust, I highly recommend you try this. Super smooth, fun to use and to be honest, addicting haha. Any questions on them, just ask me in discord :DDD -Koi
  10. I am having the time of my life. This is awesome. Easy to use, on sale makes it so affordable. Please try it!!!!
  11. I’m on my third time purchasing deluxe now. I’ve figured out every perfect setting for best optimization. It is a great purchase and extremely discreet. Super hard to get caught with as well. The esp is effective for both opponents and loot. You can set it so the enemy changes colors over their body alerting you that your bullets will reach them. Super dope, highly recommend. Any questions on settings, lmk!
  12. Kfscripts

    My reveiw

    So its a bit hard for the average user to get, but once you understand it, it is really fun to use. I hope the admins make a tutorial to make it easier to understand, if they do itl be a 10/10 ❤️