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  1. Call of Duty Is Advancing More and more every game they make, So that takes Time to make cheats for it, Call of duty Premium Is One of the good Cheats it Has excellent ESP, Aimbot And the Menu is Very VERY Visible The ESP distance is 1,000 Meters, When i used it i called in a Jet from 400 meters away and got 3 Kills i got 5 wins in total, Everyone Was Like How the heck is he aiming so good. And For 11$ this cheat is super SUPER EPIC. I Recommend this cheat
  2. Apex Absolute was Absolutely Amazing, The aimbot was 10/10, The No recoil Option was a 9/10 It was kind of bouncy, The ESP Was a 10/10 No Glitch at all I would Like a Glow on there But It Was good enough To get 10 to 15 Wins before the key expired, The Loot You could see it like a Eagle It helped when i needed Ammo or Shields. I recommend buying Apex Absolute