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  1. First off I have tried loads of apex hacks none of which compare to the simplicity and quality of this one. It cannot be easier to setup, just follow the video tutorial given and you'll be on your way in no time. The menu itself is the easiest to use, you just run the loader and it pops up when you boot apex. The aimbot is perfect and allows you to 1v3 any fight if played correctly, you can select headshots on/off and adjust smoothness to make it near undetectable when being viewed by the enemies you've slaughtered. The only option I would like is to be able to purchase this for a week/month, other than that this is just the best apex hacks you will come across. Also don't listen to people who say "I got banned" they clearly didn't follow the instructions correctly, here's some stats after 1 days use on a fresh account: