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  1. first off like to say very impressed on how easy it was to get going but then got confused as why i couldnt see my UI when i pressed the TAB button its because the game has to be in windowed mode to get the ESP and anything to work so i eventually figured that out lol aim bot: VERY CLEAN! - at first i thought i was just a fantastic aim! there is no snapping or jitterness to it atall on the default settings BUT if you do turn the smoothness down it does exactly what you think it would do HEADSHOT! HEADSHOT! HEADSHOT! but probably get banned super fast that way. ESP: VERY NICE! doesn't have distance tracker, would deffo advise to turn off the loot ESP cs you'll just get writing all over your screen you cant change the colours like most cheats to be green when enemy is visable and red when they aint but it an ESP and for the price i cant really complain, DOWNSIDE'S: i know im just being picky but what really bothered me was the limited key select for the Aim bot, you cant change to a custom keybind, you have to select from their limited choices but i would recommend using caps lock. OVERALL: im deffo gonna be a returning customer as im very satisfied with what i got! i must also say there are a lot of negative reviews saying scam stay away but seems like these people just have no idea how to follow install instructions lol