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  1. crypt

    Rust deluxe

    GREAT PRODUCT! Amazing cheat! Aimbot is very good! ESP is amazing! Stashes, TC, boxes! Everything you could ever need! Suggestion : add debug mode 10/10 cheat
  2. The ESP and Aimbot work very well 9/10 Item ESP is cool and works well, speed hack also works. Thank you for the amazing cheat! Cant wait to get my VIP rank soon!
  3. Pros - Simple menu [aimbot,esp,no recoil,no spread,no flash] - INSANE aimbot very easy to use with a click of a button -Simple ESP no clutter on the screen just the info u need NEGATIVES: No negatives! OVERALL: A very good cheat for the price that it is! RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE!
  4. Crazy HACK for SUCH a low price!! It's actually crazy. The GUI of the hack is so clean and cut. I LOVE IT.
  5. PROS - Great aimbot - Amazing loot esp ( can be a little over whelming some times) - Player ESP is perfect CONS - N/A - N/A - N/A PERFECT CHEAT ❤️ ~ crypt
  6. I previously loved to cheat in Tarkov from other sources, but almost no providers had cheats up for a reasonable amount of money.. The ESP's are very accurate, and I'd rate them at 9/10. The only reason as to it not being a 10, is because sometimes the scav bodies stay on screen after they are dead./ The items and corpses work wonderfully! 10/10! The aimbot is absolutely insane. I may have went a little bit over board with it a few times... but it is very fun to use!! Overall, a VERY good cheat. I recommend buying the 1 week for tarkov as it is better than the 24 hours. Overall, 10/10 from me ❤️
  7. RUST DELUXE REVIEW AIMBOT - 10/10 ESP - 20/10 (insane esp, hidden stashes, dropped items, boxes, airdrops, crates, toolcupboards, AND MUCH MORE) This cheat is AMAZING. Super easy to use, just download to a USB and plug in and unplug and click RUN!! Menu is also really good so you can press escape or even opening your inventory toggles the menu, and at that point you can hide the menu or show it! OVERALL - 11/10 from me ?❤️
  8. MY EFT PREMIUM REVIEW Aimbot 8/10 ESP 10/10 No recoil 10/10 These are my statistics on EFT PREMIUM and they are very true. EFT PREMIUM is a VERY, VERY, VERY good cheat and deserves MORE ATTENTION. Just make sure you don't get too carried away or you can get yourself MANUALLY BANNED or PLAYER REPORTED.
  9. crypt

    COD Plus

    COD plus was nothing short of amazing. It was just as good as dominator but needed a few tune up. Aimbot, ESP, and everything else you could imagine ❤️ Amazing cheat overall and deserves more attention from people. 9/10 from me time2win ❤️
  10. crypt

    COD Dominator

    COD dominator was a VERY good cheat. It bugged out sometimes but overall it was VERY effective at getting the job done. Aimbot. ESP. Smoothness. It was truly amazing. I recommend this to ANY call of duty cheater because of the such cheap prices and good quality cheats. 10/10 from me time2win ?
  11. LOVE THIS CHEAT! It is SO good. The aimbot is amazing. You can change aimbot settings, such as FOV, Crosshair, Only head, and also change loot esp on and off which is GREAT. You can also change the smoothing so it looks less snappy :D. Overall I give this cheat a 10/10 Good Job time2win!!
  12. The APEX DELUXE is a very good cheat in my opinion. The aim bot is great and there is many different options to choose that fit your play style. 8/10 for this cheat, could use a little tuning but that's all.
  13. The Rust Prime ESP is PHENOMENAL! Health Bars, Sleeping enemy's, Enemy Boxes, Corpses, Stashes,Ores, ETC. With the ESP you can also see crates, boxes, TOOL CUPBOARD (<< BIG ONE RIGHT THERE), Turrets, and even workbenches. Aimbot is pretty standard. Cross hair, FOV, and even an aim key that is changeable! Another cool feature is if you dont have the best PC, you can change the distance at which items and players appear. So if you have a slow PC maybe make the settings lower! OVERALL, 9.9/10 STARS I recommend this to every hacker out there ?
  14. The rust KZT hack is overall amazing. Aimbot - Works 100% of the time, no problems at all, fully adjustable to head, body, and legs/feet ESP - Great, doesn't block out players, sleeping, dropped items, crates, airdrops, and even ORES! This cheat is amazing and i suggest you buy it ?
  15. The ESP is amazing. You can just prefire corners. Aimbot is INSANE. Just dont get too carried away lol. I recommend this to everyone.