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  1. First off i'll start by saying, when you can get the hack to work it works well. Aside from that, getting the hack to work is damn near impossible. You will follow all the directions given with no luck over and over. The only time I had success with was when I would just delete download file a start over and over again. Usually took about 6 to 7 tries then would work. Like I said, the hack works as advertised when it works, but grief of getting it started is just too much. Unfortunately I bought the 7 day key and maybe got about 2.5 days worth of playing out of it. When I got it working I would just play for like 10 hours straight because I didn't want to close my game. Overall I'll be generous and give it 2 stars, be warned you'll probably need tech support a lot. I opened a few tickets, (which were responded to very quickly btw) but no fixes ever came about. Big waste for me, maybe it's my pc but i highly doubt it because i did get the hack working about 4 times in 7 days. Not sour, just honest opinion