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    As many of you may have noticed the Discord server has gotten banned. Unfortunately there were complications that caused some delay in the new server. It is fully ready now and can be joined again from the usual link. We apologise for this inconvenience 😞
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    Hi everyone, we're sad to announce Discord is still doing its usual malpractices such as banning servers out of the blue. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience. We are still fine tuning the details of the new server, so you may notice some issues here and there. We ask for your patience and understanding 🙂
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    We have reached well over 40k members now! 😄 We want to thank everyone on their support and hope to continue providing to everyone out there. We'd like to celebrate with offering a discount for everyone, use coupon code 40KMEMBERS when checking out in the Store! And... Also, make sure you participate in the #giveaways in the Discord. We will draw the winners on Friday May 14th!
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    Hi everyone, There seems a lot of confusion what TESTING means in the status page. Basically we are constantly monitoring need around EFT hacks, through our own testers, through support and by monitoring other communities around us, and when we notice a pattern, for example where many people report being banned or if BSG is pushing some updates, we might start testing if our hacks are affected just in case. This does NOT mean the hack is down or by definition detected! What it doesmean, is that WE are not 100% sure anymore and are verifying it. If you are using it on your main account (which we do not recommend) you might want to wait a bit till we give the green light and change it to working again. But if you are just using some junk account to collect stuff and move it to your main stash anyway, you could just keep using it. We hope this has cleared it up a bit.
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    Spooktober is upon us, use coupon TIME2SPOOK for a sweet discount on your entire purchase once valid until Nov 1st! 😄
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    Since APEX Absolute is back to WORKING status, we are seeing a large number of users who are not correctly using the product 😕 You MUST have Discord running AS ADMINISTRATOR and the overlays must be enabled both overall as well as specifically for APEX. The Origin overlay MUST be DISABLED. These are all explained clearly on the instructions page, we urge you to read it carefully and follow it STEP BY STEP.
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    There seems to be something wrong at the authentication server of rust prime. Certain batches of keys were corrupted. If you have checked your firewalls and you still repeatedly get asked for your key in the loader, make a ticket on the website to have your key exchanged 🙂 we apologise for the inconveniences.
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    We ALWAYS reply to our support tickets in the best way we can, but we cannot do this if you are not able to hold a mature conversation. We are aware that the reason you contact us is usually if there is something wrong and we aim to figure out what happened and we are always considerate in compensation, but if you send us a message like below, you will need to do some serious apologizing before we would consider ANYTHING other than a ban. Please consider that we are getting hundreds of messages constantly and sometimes it takes longer to reply, but we always try as soon as possible. But we do not want to waste time on anything such as this...
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    We are introducing a new group "Regular customer" for extra discounts on all products. If you made 5 purchases or more, regardless what product, please send a support ticket to have your account upgraded. If you purchased monthly keys, 1 is enough.
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    The loader had a hotfix, it's now at version 2.05.2. Make sure to get the latest!
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    We have found the issue why some users experience key issues when using EFT Prime PRO day keys. If you are experiencing this, please make a ticket to have your key replaced. We apologise for this inconvenience!
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    For those users facing the 647 error while their pc is fine, this is due to a server side patch. It is being worked on and will get updated as soon as possible.
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    Another build for the aimbot was pushed moments ago. This build may still have issues so we will not update the features list. For any users who wish to try the aimbot, it is enabled inside the loader, and please report any bugs/issues.
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    All Rust Collapse keys have received FULL compensation for all the downtime 😄
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    We're glad to announce all HUNTER and PREDATOR products now have full Windows 10 version 21H1 support 😄 Also Valorant Demonware is 21H1 compatible. WARNING: this means ALL other products are NOT fully compatible and we HIGHLY recommend you switch OFF your automatic updates for the time being!!
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    We are launching another FN product again! 😄 FN Syndicate is available in the Store now. With many strong features this will absolutely give you any victory you need!
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    We wish everyone a happy Easter! Use coupon code TIME2BUNNY for a very nice discount on any purchase 😄
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    We have added a new Cold War product under Test Product C. You can see all features and details here: It is available in the Store here. You can test it now at a significantly reduced price:
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    Hi @everyone For the past several hours we have experienced server issues resulting in the website being down for longer periods of time. We have been working closely with the hosting provider, and the issue seems to have been found and solved. This was no attack of any kind, so no data has been compromised. However, we do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have cost you.
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    We are launching APEX Slayer 😄 this super easy to setup ESP/safety focused product with aimbot is now available in the Store! https://www.time2win.net/store/product/187-apex-slayer-24-hours/ An extensive instructional video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRhPxcztJ64
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    It seems there is some lack of information how Battlestate games handles hacks compared to other companies such as PUBG. Most game devs don't actively hunt for hackers, they just update once in a while hoping to catch a bunch and then leave it for a while. - BUT in the case of Escape from Tarkov, Battlestate games DOES ACTIVE HUNT hackers - And they spend significant resources trying to detect hackers: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/7qu0un/ok_guys_about_cheaters_and_bans/ They have automated systems in place and for the most our hacks are able to keep under the radar. However, they regularly update, unannounced, with only 1 purpose: detect hackers They also manually check for hackers on large scale, so if you get reported, then you can just be unlucky a moderator catches you doing something and bans you. Sometimes you don't immediately get banned, they will double check you or compare you to other players/known hackers. We do not post these warnings on the Store page for no reason: - Do not come to us demanding a refund. You know the risks. We do not hide them - We have a status page and a Discord channel with live updates to make sure you stay as safe as possible but this is no guarantee. Some can be lucky, other can be unlucky.
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    @Glenner We are still negotiating. When its available it will be available in the store like the other products. We will also post an update announcement ?
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    Heyy, by any chance do you have a discord?