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    Spooktober is upon us, use coupon TIME2SPOOK for a sweet discount on your entire purchase once valid until Nov 1st! 😄
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    To clarify a few things. The Hunter servers have been under heavy attack using several very advanced techniques to get around standard DDOS protections. The servers have been changed twice in the past few weeks. Unfortunately since this reply, it has gotten so bad the decision has been made to change servers. ALL TIME WILL GET COMPENSATED when the server issues have been fixed The products are STILL SAFE. For those who are using them, they do NOT need to worry We have NO ETA. We hope it will be very soon We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience
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    The DDOS attack on the hunter servers is going on and off. While this is being fixed users of EFT Hunter and VALORANT Hunter might still experience issues. The COD servers seem to be less affected. We ask for your patience and to try again every few minutes if you encounter issues while this matter is being resolved. We will notify when there is any update.
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    All servers are stable. The links to the hunter loaders have been updated. All time is compensated with atleast 12 hours.