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    The Cheat was realy good evrone should buy
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    OMG the hack was like undetectable and the hacks were actually realy good unlike some
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    I jUst used the hack for esp for peaks and it was amazing
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    The only reoson I play dayz is cause of the hack lmao
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    Very Good Hack we Enjoy it too match
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    so ive been using this cheat on tarkov for about a month with everything on and being fairly blatant while using the aimbot and esp. i have not been banned even with reports and i am very impressed with this and would highly recommend eft slayer to be the best purchase for eft hacking. however a longer subsription would be great, like 3 days perhaps.
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    i will highly recommand to use this hack for best cheat for eft gl hf
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    This shit bussin. People think im good lmao. Best hack ever
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    This is the best hack ive ever used
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    work for me smooth and legit ^_^
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    im exited to see the hack on beacuse it have unlock all the best thing on hack im watting for it please make it soon as possible ^_^
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    simple and legit and cool i hope still for ever
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    Tried it a couple times. Just got a 24h key and it says key is expired, first time I face this issue hope it gets fixed. The software itself is good, the aim is very accurate so dont be too obvious. Menu easy to use in game for quick setting changes.
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    i cant even get the loader to launch on anything
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    eveytime i try to start the loader is says dont run in disk c when im not im running it through my D driveInsert other media