• How to use Store Credits?

    Unlike many other providers, we do actually compensate whenever we feel it may be our fault, or simply because we value our loyal customers.

    Often, this compensation is in the form of Store credits. This is similar to other shops, like the Steam Funds.

    You can use this for discounts on new purchases, or getting things for free entirely.

    Checking your Store Credit

    To check how much you have, got to the Store page. You should see something similar:


    Paying with Store Credits

    When you have chosen which product you want to order, follow the regular order flow to the checkout page and then the payment page.

    On the payment page you should see the following payment option:



    When you select this, you will first use the Store credits for the purchase.

    If the credits are not enough, you can pay the remaining amount with the payment type of your choice.