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CoD BO CW Titan

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First of all:
I am impressed.
So many options to choose from, to disguise the hack.
Had a lot of fun and was finally able to get to wave 80 in Die Maschine.
In Multiplayer i tried it on several distances and in 5 different settings, untill i found my favorite.
(Pelvis and autotrigger while pressing Shift)

There were only two downsides i noticed:
First one being the autotrigger not working on sniperrifles, despite pressing the button and aiming on the rigs. (at least in some occasions)
Second and more severe is  that the trial version, i used,locked me out after like 5 houres.

I needed to restart my computer.
After the restart all i got from the program when i try to log in is: Error:Username incorrect
Tried to download the loader again, but get the same error.
If someone could tell me how to fix this, i would gladly buy a license again.
(btw are there any 7 days licenses for the Titan?)

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@MartinC Thanks for the great review! We're happy to see the many positive points but also the downsides as it gives us feedback we can use to improve the hacks 🙂

We recommend reaching out on our support discord for help about your username incorrect error. Our team there should be able to help you.

Finally, there are 7 day versions for the zeta and hunter, but unfortunately not yet for the titan. we're hoping to release one in the future.

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