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Apex Deluxe is awesome

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I only tried APEX Deluxe so I only review that:


The ESP is what I use most. The visuals are very clear and no lag. I especially like the glow function. It makes it really easy and feels natural while playing. Excellen 10/10


I must say I rarely use aimbot since I find it risky and with the ESP I barely need it. However, when I use it it works exactly how I need it, precise and I can adjust the smoothing to make sure it looks legit, so for what its worth I rate it 10/10 as well.


I know the hack has some other options which I don't use at all

Note: I asked the admin what the "Stuck [F]" is, which is the "Fixed position mode"  - this means you will stay in 1 exact position while you press a button, so for example, you can jump and then you will stay hanging in the air. but I was adviced NOT to use it since its super obviously you're hacking


I've been using this hack quite some time with no issue at all. The only thing I found a bit annoying is the labels of each option are really bad lol maybe the dev can look into this.

Overall solid 9/10

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@opifexer thanks for your detailed review! Everyone uses the hacks it their own way so it's just nice to hear how someone uses it.

We'll definitely take your feedback and forward this.

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