Time2Win Discord Support Role - (OPEN)

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Time2Win Discord Support Role

Apply Now (Open)


Hello CUSTOMERS who want to help our community, I'm SMOKESESSION (part of the staff team) and want to thank you for taking the time to read this application process. 
Let's get started. 

First of all, Discord Support are part the community who help other's in need, Take time to listen to people and diagnose problem's, are available to test updates and give feedback that will help fix any issues.  

What's required of me?
- We want trusted and devoted support team. So.. Don't take this as a lie down application form. Ensure you put time and love to your applications!

- You need to be 18+ (we want our support community to be mature and reliable) Age can be overlooked, Depending on Experience (Proof will be needed)

- You have to be an active member of this community. You have to be familiarized with our setup process and diagnostics process. 


"Please, Please, Keep in mind that we do not expect from you to become a slave of any kind. Yes, we want active people, but this does not mean we pick people who only slave around 24/7 on this site helping others. We just want solid, genuine, respectful people."

Now you know enough about what we want/expect/need, If you think you have what it take's to be part of our ever growing community, look at the application form below. 


Application Form.

- Who are you? Sell yourself to us as a person! (Name / Age / Field of Work / Country+Timezone / Etc...)


- List all the cheat providers you used in the past (or are currently using). Describe your experience with them.


- List products you used in the past that we supply (or are currently using). Describe your experience with them.


- Have you been involved in other communities? (Supporting, selling, creating videos, etc...)


- What are your expectations from us, as the service provider?


- Who told you about us? 


- Breaking any of the rules will get you permanently banned. Do you agree?


- Please name your processor & windows version below. (i.e. i9-9900K / 1903-2004)


How to open an application?

Copy and paste the application form above.

Open a thread with your name in the thread title here: HERE

Fill in the questions, please make sure to take your time.

If you are selected as a candidate, then we will reach out to you.

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