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Wondering about Discounts

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Hello, To whom is may concern,

I am just wondering how the discounts on your guys page work. I have been buying them for a bit now, but have no clue how to get the discounts you guys mention on your link. Please help. 

Thank you and Thank you for the hacks. Greatly enjoy them very much.

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Hello - please join our discord server to read and see more about discounts & take part in giveaways 🙂 
read the message below to get an idea of how our discounts work - make a ticket on the website here   go ahead and ask for your account to upgraded to receive your permanent discounts here on the website.

We have a permanent discount system with the following rules: Based on the number of purchases you made, you are entitled to lower prices: - 0-5: Customer Regular prices
- 6-10:
REG Customer 5% discount
- 11-20:
PRO Customer 10% discount
- 20+:
VIP Customer 15% discount

Please note that we will not consider brand new users for upgrades. You must have an account that is atleast 1 week old. Keep track of your purchases and whenever you feel you need to be upgraded, make a ticket on the website! Purchases less than $9 are considered half purchases and anything over $20 is considered 2 purchases. Be ware, your rank brings benefits but also responsibilities! Please do not abuse your position

feel free to use these codes below - 
TIME2WELCOME [permanent] = 5% discount for new members

SUMMERBREAK [until 08/31] = 5% discount for all types of customers

15KMEMBERS [until 09/15] = 5% discount for all customers

 take care 🙂 

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