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Rust KZT Review.

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So i just wanted to share a few opinions about KZT here. Ive been using the cheat for about 2 weeks and its pretty good. Im gonna list a couple of the pros and cons.

Ajustable and Easy to use GUI

So far undetected by anti cheat

ESP is great, has lots of options

Aimbot works great.

Recording/Stream proof.


The aimbot can seemingly stop at some times. To fix this you must disconnect and reconnect from the server you're playing on.

The cheat has some non working features, such as color options and animal esp.

Esp can get out of place, to fix this press ALT ENTER to go fullscreen, then press ALT ENTER to exit fullscreen. This should fix the esp.

Frames can drop. Usually a relaunch works for me to smoothen out the frames, but this depends on the quality of your PC


The cheat is 12.83, which is extremely cheap in comparison to other cheats. For a cheat to be 12 dollars and still be a reliable cheat is astonishing in it self.
I have cheated for about 300 hours with this cheat, and its super easy to make this look legit





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@ripindip_ Thanks for this review!

Well structured and both pros and cons 🙂

You're clearly very experienced with this cheat!

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