Rust KZT Hack Review

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Rust KZT Hack Review


Overall the ESP in this pack is brilliant you have the different options of  "Enemies, Bots, Ores, Crates, collectable & stashes" which all work accurate as tested. 

I also enjoy the customisation you can do with with the ESP with selecting different colours for the layout you have from the "Skeleton" view to the "Box" view you can change the colours of each to best suit your preference.



I have tested the aimbot in the pack and I have come to find that it is as accurate as you configure in the menu, I especially enjoy the switch option between the Head, Spine and Pelvis to allow your to be less obvious.

    Special Options 

The "AlwaysDay" option is as explained in which it will constantly stay light during the night to give you that advantage of not been caught out with someone sneaking upon you in the night.

The "Spider-man" option is really good for getting on top of bases without ladders to get that advantage of blowing from the top without ladder blueprints

I unfortunately didn't have time to test the other options within this section of the menu but will be something on my next round to get ticked off and reviewed.


I really liked the simplicity of the menu design very easy to navigate and user friendly giving you the ability to enable and configure each hack with just a few clicks.



I would defiantly recommend this pack






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@HyperG Wow this is a great review! Thanks for going in such detail!
Hopefully this will help people trying to find out more about the hacks!

Glad to hear you're enjoying it! ? 

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