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EFT Premium Review

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I was buying 24h for 1 Time and was only using ESP for the whole time

Player ESP: 9 ~ 10 tracking works very good and shows PMC and SCUV but not Scuv Player

Item ESP: 3 ~ 10  it shows maybe 20% of all Items in the match so it needs realy some work but its a nice feature


Now to the SECRUITY 

I watch many times at the Status and the whole time it was saying (WORKING) Like i say i was only using it for 1 Day (6h) ONLY ESP and Very Legit (die some time, don't go to every item...)

in the next Morning i watched Discord and they say there was a Ban wave and ofcorse my Account got banned to.


at all: i give this cheat 1 of 5 bcs of the Secruity its sad that only good reviews are official


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@franz_20 Thank you for the review, glad you liked the hack content wise.

We're sorry to hear you got banned ? 

A heads up for other hackers:
A lot of people seem to think using just ESP makes them safe from bans. 
Our hacks wont be detected by automatic detection systems, but can be detected by manual reviews (humans)!!
Doing obvious things like looking at players through walls all the time can get you reported and banned as well!

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