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Rust Prime Review.

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So I bought the rust prime loader and here are my thoughts about the features and my thoughts on how the expirience went.

The loader:

The loader is super easy to use, just put your key in and it asks you to launch rust. You launch rust and there you go.

At first I couldn't load the cheat but I reached out to support and not only did they respond fast, but they responded with all the help I could need. They gave me indepth tutorials on how to fix my issue and it worked! Awesome support that helped me with my problem, fast and efficently. 

The Features:


Overall the aimbot is really good for the price you're paying for this cheat. I have tested expensive hacks and this cheat's aimbot performs as well as them. What I like is that there is that the recoil compensation is really good. There is an option for smoothness so when you lock on it wont be so janky. The only problem I had with the aimbot is that when using 4x, 8x etc, it would bug out and wouldn't lock on to the player. This wasn't a big deal though as I wasn't relying on aimbot for my snipers.


The ESP is really good. it is very ajusdatble and doesn't block out players. Also you have the options to see sleeping players, bots and nodes. That was helpful when I went to farm or take oil/cargo. 

Conclusion: Overall if you're thinking about buying this cheat I would. Worried about having troubles and support ghosting you? nope because the support I recieved was phenamonal. 

Hopefully this review helped you in your desicion. 


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@aeroshoom Thanks for this great review!

Detailed review on all aspects, thats what we like to see ? 

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