COD Pro/Premium 6.02 Review

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Thought I'd redo my review since there's been improvements. Overall, the devs did a great job.



+ No Recoil is very effective but isn't perfect (this is a good thing because it's unrealistic to full auto someone from distance without missing a shot)

+ Radar works well (I recommend using rotating minimap to align with the radar)

+ SmoothRate: how smoothly/slowly it locks on/follows a target. I use 2 as 1 is too jittery and locks on too aggressively.

+ ESP distance: I personally use about 300 as it reduces the occurrence of locking onto unwanted targets. I might even try 200.

+ Aimbot FOV: I use 50~70 so you actually have to try to aim near the target, higher value relies more on the aimbot and you don't even need to use your brain.

+ Way less buggy than previous versions. No more ESP/Radar cutting out randomly

+ Shift to lock head is a welcome addition

+ Show/hide FOV, Aim at knockeds toggle, are all great as well

+ Still haven't been banned. Just don't be staring at enemies you can't actually see or locking on to targets behind walls. Basically, be smart and reasonable.



- Sometimes there's an enemy in the match who doesn't register on ESP.

- No Radar Zoom setting.

- Activating aimbot when the FOV is outside of the target and then adjusting your aim will not lock on. You have to have the target already in the FOV for aimbot to work properly.

- Hiding/showing the menu can be unresponsive at times

- Moving targets at longer distances are pretty much impossible to hit. Would've appreciated an aimbot enable/disable hotkey here.

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@21290 Amazing review. We sincerely appreciate the level of depth you went into, especially on the improvements, we will definitely make work of it! Highly appreciated!! ? 

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