How getting banned works - FYI

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Just for those who don't know how getting banned on EFT works, this is for you. 

EFT isn't like CSGO, admin only manually ban you if you are a streamer, with solid evidence, or if you are cheating against someone who has further reported you via the forum.

Videos of you getting instantly headshot isn't sufficient evidence to perma ban you. It could be a lucky shot, it could be a case of de-sync, and many others. If you are speed running, opening unlockable doors, killing squads in suspicious ways etc, this will get you banned. A gathering of reports will gather admin and dev attention, and while you run their game, it is valid for them to check you software running on your computer. If they find a cheat running, you will be banned. This gives them knowledge of the software you are running so a ban wave of everyone using the software as well as a patch can be put in place.

EFT cheating is so prevalent because its easy to shoot someone in the back and they have no way of seeing how they died or that you are cheating. Cheating infront of another player and shooting with 0 recoil is obviously a risky way to cheat. Therefore, unlike CSGO and other FPS games, its hard to catch cheaters against you generally being a good player. 

Im writing this because some people out there are stupid enough to rage hack with a game like EFT which leads to an entire community getting banned. Dont play stupid, only cheat when you need too, and don't be blatant, as the tiniest advantage in a gun fight in eft is enough to win you the gunfight. You dont need to insta-headshot a group of 4 just because you want their loot. Cheat responsibly and logically. Don't use EOD accounts, always check for status updates, and if you can avoid it, dont cheat at all. 

Thanks for reading ❤️ Play safe

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We have nothing to add and definitely could not have said it any better ? 

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