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Tarkob Premium Review

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Hi, i recently joined and tried out the Tarkov Premium Cheese for a single day.
i was on the fence becouse of the price, and the limit of buying 24 hours at a time, i have also used other cheese for tarkov in the past that has gotten detected, but this seems solid enough for me to jump in and try it out for a day.

i was not let down.

the ESP is on point, distance, skeleton frame and general wareness is 10/10

Corpse detection seems to have its own life, sometimes it shows corpses, sometimes it doesnt, i dont know what triggers it, but ive had corpses show on customs, and none on Factory, it might be a bug or a setting that's misbehaving.

the "aim bot" is more like an Aim assist, pressing right mouse button will set your sights slightly left of the targets head, if you hold in right mouse button you can "follow" the targets head, but with weapon recoil this is not recommended, i reccomend using the aimassist to get on target, then play manually, if using the aim assist at all.

the item ESP is working great aswell for items lying around outside of containers, the Sorting via Price is a bit iffy, but it gets the job done.

i have not divulged into the Misc options like no recoil ect, just becouse the ESP is simply cheesy enough for me.

one note would be that if you like me like to run around and press F1 to mumble ingame - this will activate the speedhack unintentionally, be carefull of that as its a sure way of getting banned if anyone see it.

i am deffinatly buying again, just wish i could buy for a full month instead of a single day.

ESP 10/10
Item ESP 8/10
Aim assists 8/10

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@Herreford To call this review awesome would be a gross understatement! There is probably nothing better that we could ask for in a review than this! ?

We firstly appreciate the effort you took and the details you went into! Finally there is your final rating which is amazing! Ofcourse we are glad you have constructive criticism so we can improve! 

Regarding your question about the weekly/monthly options, it is definitely available here:

Or the direct link to the store page: 



We want to make sure people don't buy something long term without actually TESTING it first ? so its only available to those who have atleast made 1 purchase or more

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