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hile çalışmıyor....

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Welcome back to Dream(??????)
Please note the following(???????)
Explain the settings in advance: first set the game to be borderless, otherwise it will crash back! !! !!
(????????:???????????,??????? !! !!)
1. First download the version of the decompression software to the desktop. It is best to change the name of the auxiliary (any change)
1.(????????????? ??????????(???))
2.Open the accelerator to accelerate and open the game lander
2.(????? ?? ????????)
3.The administrator runs a hacker login! You have to wait for the software to disappear and start the game! !!
3.(?????????! ??????????????! !!)
4.For more tips, please see WordPad

Do not use piracy, users who use piracy will be dangerously infected with the virus!!

Read the last account,Continue to use. 1.Yes 0.No

Press any key to continue . . .

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Please never post your keys in the public forum ? 

Also, please check this topic, it has the same issue as you 


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