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Rust Prime Loader

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  • VANGUARD (which is installed when you install VALORANT) MUST BE UNINSTALLED!!!
  • Discord overlay must be enabled
  • Currently the spoofer is updating and not included!
  • This hack is only supported windowed! Do NOT run it in fullscreen or borderless mode!
  • This hack comes with an spoofer included. Both the spoofer and hack use the same key. This included spoofer will not break the HWID lock. Just make sure to use the spoofer first before the hack!
  • The hack may do a second attempt to connect to the server. This is not something abnormal. If it persists, make sure no firewalls are blocking the connection. 
  • If the ESP seems out of place, maximize the Rust window so the cheat will re-scale
  • This hack is HWID locked! Do not change any hardware or apply updates! If the hack doesn't work due to HWID issues, we only help weekly and monthly subscribers! This is your own responsibility!


  • Make sure that your Antivirus program (external or Windows Defender) and your Firewall are disabled before using the hack
  • Make sure Steam is not running
  • Close Discord and run Discord as administrator
  • Run the hack as Administrator
  •  Enter your activation key (which you can find here). This is the same as the spoofer license key!
  •  You should receive a message like "License OK". If the loader keeps asking you to enter your key, scroll down to fix this.
  • Wait until the command window instructs you to run the game 
  • Open Steam and open Rust
  • Make sure the game is in windowed mode otherwise you cannot see the hack
  • Press INSERT to open the menu when you are in the lobby


  • Open the menu - INSERT
  • Options enable/disable -MOUSE CLICK

Loader keeps asking for key

If the loader keeps asking for a key, this means your HWID has been changed. This means your key has to be reset. Please open a support ticket, but this requires developer involvement so please be patient.

Known issues

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