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COD Pro Review

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Here's my review of COD Pro, the good and what could be improved:

+ 2 weeks in, haven't got banned yet
+ Won once using it
+ Works well and rarely glitches
+ Very easy and quick to launch
+ Simple interface
+ Radar Zoom is a great feature

- Would've appreciated a guide on explaining each setting and the recommended values (e.g. best SmoothRate for 1tap/spray, FOV, MapZoom)
- After you kill someone it can pop to someone 500m away who's completely behind cover (looks very sus in killcam)
- No Shift option for Aim/Headaim
- No option to hide the FOV and Radar overlays
- ESP/Radar still shows dead bodies as alive if they are in the gulag
- Usually only 24 hour subscriptions available

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@21290 Thank you for this extremely detailed review.

We appreciate you taking the time giving us this constructive feedback.

We'll make sure to discuss this with the developer for further improvements, as well as your suggestion of more detailed guides.

This information is very valuable, and we don't mind at all rewarding it ? 

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