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4 Interesting Myths About Gaming Cheats


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4 Interesting Myths About Gaming Cheats


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Video gaming is a hobby enjoyed by many people all over the world. The planet is home to over 3 billion gamers, who play everything from sports games to RPGs, to puzzle games. If you have played video games, you likely know about the vast amount of cheats and hacks out there for some of your favorite games.

But unfortunately, many of these cheats have gotten a bad reputation and have several unfortunate myths about them that have gathered a lot of steam over the years. With that in mind, this article is going to take a look at some of these gaming cheat myths, and dispel them once and for all.

All Cheats are Unethical and Wrong

When many people think about cheats, they think of people using wallhacks or aimbots to defeat their opponents in a multiplayer online game. However, it is wrong to think that every cheat is unethical and used to gain an unfair advantage.

Plenty of people simply use cheats to get past difficult parts in single-player games or simplify the experience of an otherwise difficult game.

Some people will also use cheats to see how far they can push a game and change it to better suit their preferences. There are plenty of suggestions from Guided Hacking and other resources that show how making hacks can be a fun experience to alter a single-player game, and not take advantage of others in a multiplayer setting.

Cheats are Hard to Find and Expensive

Another myth is that gaming cheats are a big secret and incredibly difficult to find. However, this is not remotely the case. A simple search online for cheats relating to a certain game should often provide very fruitful results. It might take you some time to find the right one, but the options will be there.

Many also believe that cheats are incredibly hard to use, but this also isn't the case. Many can be done by making some inputs within the game itself or may require a quick download or installation.

Not only are they quite easy to find, but they aren’t all that expensive to use, either. Some providers may charge for the use of their cheats, but some may be available to use and input for free.

Cheats are Only Used By Gamers Looking to Gain an Unfair Advantage


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Another myth is that cheats are only used by gamers who want to gain an unfair advantage over other players. But that simply isn’t the case. As mentioned earlier, many people will simply use cheats to make a single-player game easier or to change up the experience.

Another common use for cheats is actually for testers and developers. They will use certain cheats to transport to different places in the game or to learn more about different sections and how they play. Some people may even use hacks and cheats to learn more about the inner workings of a game and its design/development.

Cheating in Video games is a New Problem


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Today, a lot of news in the gaming world revolves around hacks and cheats. It gets a lot of publicity, and this greater amount of attention can lead to some people thinking that cheating in video games is a new problem. In reality, cheats in video games have been around for many decades. Plenty of older games actually had cheats and easter eggs built right into them, for different purposes.

Sure, the types of cheats and hacks that are utilized have changed drastically over the years, but the idea of cheats in gaming has a long history, one that is still being written to this day.

In conclusion, there are plenty of myths about gaming cheats that still exist, and we hope this blog post has been able to dispel some of the myths.

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