Valorant Premium 24 Hours Review

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The ESP sometimes disappears or flickers which makes it a bit annoying, in addition to looking at a teammate the ESP box also appears, that should be able to be removed, otherwise it is a good hack, very easy to install and use, good job, the aimbot does not work so I can not give my opinion of its working correctly, I have been using this hack for 2 days and I have not received ban, also I try to play as legal as possible.

but I wish there was more development in ESP. and more importantly, i'm curious, is there a monthly subscription for this? 24 hours seem so short to me. Thanks

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@Dumy Thanks for the review, we'll take the feedback into account!


As for the subscriptions:

We have 7 day and 30 day hacks available depending on the hack you want. 
The 7 day becomes available after your first purchase, the 30 day after making at least 5 and upgrading to REG customer.
We checked your account and you currently have 6 purchases, so we've gone ahead and upgraded you! enjoy the discounts and dont forget to request your next upgrade at 10 purchases!


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