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  2. @CryptoSquirtle Now this is a review we like to see πŸ˜„ Its neatly structured 10/10 It covers multiple aspects of the cheat 10/10 its positive 10/10 Thanks for the review!
  3. @amsori If you want a HWID reset, please open a ticket here on our website explaining why you want it πŸ™‚
  4. @hegezzu Thanks for the review, we appreciate it, even if its negative. πŸ™‚ We'll make sure to communicate the feedback to our programming team.
  5. Admin

    RUST Loader cant open

    @huahua Please open a ticket on our discord, our support team will help you resolve this issue πŸ™‚
  6. @xrzerepresent Thanks πŸ˜„ we're happy to hear you like it.
  7. @hornby7590 Thats unfortunate to hear 😞 We'll have this looked into. However, please realise a battle eye ban doesnt always mean it was automatic. Reports lead to an additional battle eye scan. If the scan cant say 100% sure that you're not cheating it wil be manually investigated. This way it will still show as a battle eye ban.
  8. @mxxst Thank you for the review πŸ˜„ Glad to hear your positive experience with our discord staff, and the cheats as well!
  9. @matazombis6 It sounds like you got HWID banned. You can find more information on it here.
  10. @Open Fire Thank you for the review. We're sorry to hear you got banned. We could help you to get a HWID reset, if you want that, please open a ticket on our website. For anyone else reading this: Unfortunately bans can always happen. We write hacks that are safe from automatic detection, however manual investigation can always detect hacks. Dont make it too obvious you're hacking and you greatly reduce the chance of getting reported and investigated.
  11. Admin


    @GunnaTheSpartan Thanks for the review πŸ˜„ happy to hear you like it. Indeed you're right, gotta stay careful. We have longer options, 7 and 30 days. Those become available as you've made more purchases. This is to prevent people from buying for example a 30 day cheat without ever having used them before and then returning after a day because they found out its not their thing.
  12. Admin

    DAY Z Mob

    @the machin3 Thank you for the review πŸ™‚ even if its unfortunately not too positive. Did you talk to support about this? Maybe there was a solution possible. We'll have a talk with our programmers as well to see what we can improve.
  13. Admin

    Dayz question

    @hegezzu It should be safe to use. However thats only from automatic detection, manual investigation will always be detectable.
  14. Admin


    @Stibbohr We've updated your account πŸ™‚ Thank you for being a loyal customer πŸ˜„
  15. Hi @robfarmer81 Thats unfortunate, could you please open a ticket explaining your problem? We will look into it.
  16. @laughing12345 Hi, Unfortunately we're not able to predict how long the update will take. We can say however that you will be compensated for the time the program is in maintenance πŸ™‚ Hope this helped.
  17. i jusy bought the one day valorant hack kzt version, but there is maintenance going on. I just want to know how long will it take and my time will it be temporary freeze until it is back up?
  18. i brought the cod hack just to have a bit of fun and yeah its funny hear everyone rage! :l but you gotta be careful not to get investigated so you cant be too obvious! Great product! Do you do more than just 24 hours? Thanks
  19. Esp works but Aim bot doesn't at all Item Esp doesn't work, tried on multiple servers still nothing quite disappointing if i am honest
  20. This hack is actually awesome. Could not be easier to inject in the game. As an Apex Deluxe regular user i did not want to try another one, but after giving it a try i got very surprised. ESP: 10/10. Perfect, it gives you all the info you need to dominate the match Aimbot: 9. Almost perfect, you can adjust the smooth of the aimbot and if you want it only head or not but i think it would be nice to have some more features like changing aimbot keybind, set in right click as default. Possitive points: If you wanna blatantly cheat and still not get banned, this is your hack. The hack is soooo easy to set up. I will for sure try it again. Cheat overall rating: 9,5/10
  21. when i buyed the hack and insert the key my account was instantly banned 3 times 3 accounts i dont even play 1 game pls dont buy it dont worth it. i write to discord support and they did not give me a good solution.
  22. bought prime, its not working at all in game, overlay wont open, but ofc you accept the keys been used.... even added 30 minitues to its use ????? wtf
  23. hegezzu

    Dayz question

    is dayz safe to use? it says undetected 1.0.0 but dayz isnt 1.0.0 anymore and hasnt been a long time.
  24. hello, so i'm gonna be brutally honest about this, it started badly, injection had some problems that when i injected it didn't appear ingame for some reason, but i figured it out myself... and after an hour or more it started doing its own thing like FPS dropped to 30 or less and aimbot either worked or didn't work, it worked when it wanted to.. but, i got my product even tho it didn't work as i wanted so its 3/10 unfortunately... but hopefully it improves in the future..
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